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The illustrator Benjamin Rabier is the famous illustrator of
"The laughing cow", who first drew the whale in an episode of " Les aventures de Gédéon". The character was chosen to represent the "La Baleine" brand.
At its creation in 1934,
the brand name was
"A la Baleine".
Colours were given to the packs. La Baleine's salts came in Coarse Sea Salt and Fine Sea Salt.
"A La Baleine" packs to highlight the iodine content of its sea salt.
The saltshaker "A La Baleine" won the packaging Oscars in 1963:

The competition was aimed at rewarding the most innovated packaging encompassing...
"A La Baleine" brand became "La Baleine".

The logo is reduced and becomes less and less like the initial representation.
La Baleine is featured on products.

The brand consists of Coarse and Fine Sea Salt, packed in cardboard and plastic boxes, in order to meet to the needs of everyone.
With a strong brand identity,
La Baleine's logo progresses in 1993, with more realistic traits, closer to the 1934's logo.

La Baleine is depicted
in its natural environment:
the Sea appears on its products.
La Baleine adds for the first time, Fleur de Sel (Flower of Salt).
La Baleine becomes
"The salt from every sea",
and offers its first Grey Salt from the Atlantic.

This period incorporates the launch of new packaging for the Baking Soda.
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 With a history and tradition, the La Baleine brand has developed through the years
an impeccable know-how.
In order to give you a pure salt of constant quality, many checks are done systematically from harvesting to packing.
All of our sea salts are naturally white, with preserved quality and harvested without any chemical treatment.
What is
La Baleine has put all its good, salty taste into Minisel. Minisel contains 3 times less sodium than a traditional salt,...
What is
Baking Soda?
La Baleine proposes
also Baking Soda.
For more information,
go to our website
What is
Fine salt?
Fine salt, an extraction from seawater, is the salt with the smallest available granulation.
What is
Le Moulin?
The La Baleine salt grinder releases all the original qualities of a crunchy, freshly-milled salt on your plate.
What is
Coarse salt?
Coarse salt, harvested
on salt tables, is naturally white and its large size crystals are of a unique purity.
What is
Fleur de Sel?
La Baleine Fleur de Sel is the fine, naturally white, crystal layer which is found on the surface of the water, on the salt tables.
What is La Baleine
Grey Atlantic Salt?
La Baleine Grey Salt is an unrefined product from the Atlantic Ocean.