Salt is an essential element in all cooking. It can be used to give food a salty taste, as a flavour enhancer or play a technological role (product conservation, water retention...).

Coarse salt, fine salt, fleur de sel sea salt... each has its own use. Adding salt to food is an everyday action which must not be done as a routine, but result from a real choice, taking the dishes being cooked into account. In fact, each type of salt has its own function:

● Fine salt (for a diffused and diluted salt flavour):
is the salt you find in all kitchens.
It is the one you use on a daily basis when adding salt to your normal dishes.
● Coarse salt (for a specific and biting salt flavour):
is more specific, due to the size of its crystals. It is more
used to give a crunchy feel to your dishes and is very
useful for adding to water you are going to use for cooking.
● Fleur de sel sea salt (for an intense and powerful taste):
gives a delicate note to foods. It is considered to be the "caviar"
of salt, because this salt is the most precious of all. It is selected by our
salt-workers during a very short period of time, when all the conditions are right.
It has very fine crystals, and can be used to enhance dishes just before serving.
● Grey salt (for an intense and powerful taste):
harvested from our salt marshes on the Atlantic coastline is specific
due to its unusual colour. Its grey colour is due to the specific minerals
(magnesium...) present in its crystals. This salt with an intense and powerful
taste guarantees a specific salting power. It can be used in all types of
cuisine, and in particular the culinary specialities of the west of France.