A Salt Marsh made up of shallow basins and salt tables where the salt is harvested.
This white gold is obtained by evaporation of water using the combined forces of the sun and wind.

Sea water entry into the salt marshes
Water entry begins from March and contains, at this stage, 29 g of salt
per litre.
Water circulation in the basins
From March to August, water circulates through the basins (some of which are more than 300 hectares). Salt workers circulate the water from basin to basin and then to the salt tables.
When the brine is saturated, salt workers send it to the crystallisers or salt tables (shallow rectangular basins). Thanks to the wind and sun, evaporation continues and the salt crystallises.
The harvest
After a few months, a layer of salt, 10cm thick is formed at the bottom of the tables. The harvest is made once a year, in September.