The food salt quality charter

A member of the “Comité des Salines de France” (a professional organisation made up of the salt producers established in France), the Salins Group, of which La Baleine is a part, has signed the “food salt quality charter” to guarantee consumers an irreproachable salt quality and total food safety.


The charter sets out commitments for food salt producers in several areas:

- Guarantee the quality of the salt and control the risks to food safety.

- Guarantee salt quality that goes beyond current international standards and national regulations.

- Develop best practices to meet hygiene, safety and health requirements.

 - Take part in the mass prevention policy and promote the addition of iodine and fluorine to salt, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF.

- Contribute towards consumer information and the correct use of salt.

- Apply a strict code of ethics to the production of information about the products sold and promote the correct use of salt in the diet.