Why sea salt ?

There are different types of salt depending on the region, the exploitation methods used and the natural resources available.

La Baleine chooses sea salt as it is produced from a natural crystallisation process caused by the action of the sun, the wind and the sea.

There are two types of sea salt, white salt and grey salt:

Grey sea salt: A naturally grey sea salt, packed with minerals such as potassium and magnesium, is obtained through a combination of the know-how of the Guérande salt workers and the fact that it is harvested from ponds made up of clay bottoms.

White sea salt: The know-how of our salt workers and the fact that it is harvested from the sandy bottoms of the ponds means that La Baleine sea salts are naturally white ( unlike the products whose origin is from Guérande )

There is also “land” salt which come in two forms;  deposits which  are extracted from a mine and then ground at the factory,  or by dissolving it in brine (water saturated with salt) which is then turned into fine salt in a mechanical evaporator. Coarse salt is obtained by compaction. This salt is known as refined or industrial salt (igneous salt).