Turkish Eggs with mustard and curry leaves

Turkish Eggs with mustard and curry leaves recipe
Turkish Eggs with mustard and curry leaves recipe


Thick greek yogurt or hung yogurt – 2 cups

Cumin seeds - 1 tablespoon

La Baleine Essential sea salt - 1 teaspoon

Cheery tomatoes – 7 to 8

Sugar – 1 teaspoon 

Soft boiled eggs - 4

Curry leaves – handful 

Black mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon 

Paprika or Kashmiri chili powder – 1 teaspoon

Oil – 2 tablespoons 


For curry leaves infused salt :

5 dried curry leaves 

2 tablespoons La Baleine coarse salt


For the curry leaves salt, crush the dried curry leaves and then mix it with the course sea salt by slightly crushing it using a mortar and pestle.  Store in a clean dry airtight jar.

In a small pan, dry roast the cumin seeds for couple seconds. Then coarsely crush it using a mortar pestle or coffee grinder. 

Add salt, sugar and grind cumin seeds to the yogurt and mix it around. Place it on the serving bowl. 

In a cast iron pan drizzle little oil and bring it medium heat, Layer the cherry tomatoes and let it sizzle for few minutes. Turn it around occasionally. Sprinkle little salt on the tomatoes as it sizzle and chars. 

Place the charred tomatoes on top of the yogurt. Peel the soft-boiled eggs and place two in each bowls. 

Now place a small pan in medium heat and pour the oil. Once the oil heats up, scatter the mustard seeds and curry leaves. It will scatter (be careful). Switch off the heat and let the spice and herb sizzle in hot oil for few seconds. Finally sprinkle the paprika and give a mix. 

Spoon the warm oil along with mustard seeds, crispy curry leaves on the yogurt. Be generous as you pour the oil all around. 

Finally sprinkle little bit of the curry leaves salt. 

Enjoy it right away with some crusty bread.